Why you should enrol

Our module-based UFO (Unicorn Futuring Olympiad) Program is designed to develop and continue to enhance the skill set of our Youth, the future generation of Global Leaders.


The Modules have holistic coverage by way of

  • Information and Knowledge,

  • Application, Conduct and Action and above all

  • Enhanced EQ & Professional Acumen



When these three critical aspects come together, the result is ever progressive. The Youth not only expands his/her knowledge base but is also poised to experience a re-calibration of the mindset and position him/her on the path to success (personally and professionally).


  • Incorporation, Legal, Compliance

  • Human Capital and Talent Acquisition

  • Market Dynamics – Supply Chain, Vendor Management, Technology Development

  • Industry Analysis & Reports

  • Defining Target Market & Competition Analysis

  • Business Banking Basics

  • Branding, Logo Designing, Copyrights 

  • Brand Positioning, Digital Marketing & Brand Building

  • Fundamentals of Finance

  • Financial Statements and Projections

  • Capital Structure, Shareholding Structure & Financial Valuation 

  • Implementation and Scale-up Plan

  • Venture Pitch Deck & MVP

  • Cybersecurity

  • Data & Analytics

Key Takeaways:

  • Business Plan & Pitch Deck

  • Certification Program on Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship.

  • Mentoring for Best Business Plan

  • Interaction with Industry Leaders by way of Workshops

  • Personal & Professional Impact - Life Skills + Professional Acumen

  • Online Modules - covering 15 Topics in a Text, Video & InfoGraphics Format

  • Internships opportunities with our partner firms

About The Course

The UFO Entrepreneurship Program is created for the age group 13+ years.

It’s a structured program... with Mentoring, the opportunity for Internships and a lifelong association with the Global UFO Leaders’ Community 

Our UFO students have already raised seed capital and are in talks with Investor Panels for further fundraising.

We envisage a futuristic world that is helmed by bright young minds, geared to bring about a positive environment to co-exist in a mutually-beneficial format. With times changing at the speed of light, and the business and professional concepts undergoing a rapid transformation, we are at the juncture where future trends are largely unpredictable. In such ever-changing times, the only legacy that we hand over to the Youth is that of ‘Being in Alignment’ – Alignment with one’s Goals, Alignment with one’s Values, Alignment with one’s Emotions. This, in turn, will lead to the achievement of a life that is ‘Aligned for Progress’.


The course aims at being not only a format for information and knowledge dissemination but has a much higher objective of imparting a valuable Life Skill, that of ‘Being Aware and Being Instinctive’.


We hope to reach out to all the Youth across the globe with our UFO program, and see generations of Future Global Leaders take their first steps towards a progressive future.


  • The Venture will be taken through the entire value chain of ideas to Implementation Plan all the way up to understanding the various nuances of Fundraising

  • Focus is on making an impactful working model out of a disruptive idea

  • A renowned panel of Global Advisors to function cohesively, towards identifying the next set of UFO Leaders

  • Comprehensive and progressive mentoring and virtual incubation plan

  • The course comprises Module-based learnings, designed by industry experts, to coach and nurture the entrepreneurial vision

  • High value-added inputs to generate an MVP plan

  • International Standard Matrices applied for evaluating each Business Plan/ Pitch deck