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​What is the UFO Program about?

The UFO Program is a Certification Program on Fundamentals in Entrepreneurship, by the Sensei Guild Academy


How is the UFO Program structured?

The UFO Program comprises seven broad stages

  • Registration for the UFO Course

  • Self-Study of content and videos to be completed by the students

  • Submission of Business Plan by the students at the end of the course

  • Evaluation of entries by the Jury

  • Announcement of winners & Prize Distribution

  • Selection of UFO Champion, for the seed funding opportunity

  • Workshops, Internship and Mentorship Program


What is the cost of the UFO Program?

The UFO Program Registration Cost + Course Content Cost + Evaluation of Business Plan is a total of INR 8,900.


What are the components of the UFO Program?

The UFO Program has three components

  • Course Content for Self-Study

  • Life Skills Videos and Content for the overall development

  • Reference Templates for preparation of a Business Plan


What are the key components of the course?

The Components of the Self-Study Plan are:

  • Life Skills – Tools to harness and further develop EQ

  • Basics of Incorporation, Legal, Compliance

  • Human Capital & Talent Acquisition

  • Market Dynamics

  • Industry Analysis

  • Understanding Competition

  • Business Banking Basics

  • Branding & Copyrights

  • Brand Positioning & Digital Marketing

  • Fundamentals of Finance, Financial Statements & Projections

  • Basics of Valuation

  • Implementation & Scale-up

  • How to create a Business Plan


How will a program like UFO help my ward/ my student/ me?

UFO Program will help in the overall development of the Student at the Conceptual Level as well as from the Life Skills aspect. This program will give a fundamental level of knowledge to the student on several aspects of Entrepreneurship and will enable an attitude-level re-calibration towards a more progressive career. It will also help students showcase their ideas and concepts to a wide section of industry experts, with an opportunity to win Cash Awards and Seed Funding.

What the course helps you understand?

How to run a company

How to convert your business idea into a venture

How to become future-ready as an Entrepreneur/Professional


Who is eligible for the UFO Program?

All Students and Youth above 13+ years are eligible for the UFO Program. We welcome entries from all over the world.

The UFO course is applicable for:

School students

College Students

Early-stage Startup founders

Professionals seeking knowledge o Entrepreneurship and Innovation

All individuals looking to upgrade their skill set and knowledge base

How much time will the UFO Program require from the self-study perspective?

The Self-Study Modules of the UFO Program will require 30 minutes to 45 minutes of study per week/ once a week.


What are the opportunities after you complete the UFO program?

Submit your business plan,

Apply for an internship with our partner institutions

Connect for seed capital and VC funding