What is the UFO Program about?
The UFO Program is a Certification Program on Fundamentals in Entrepreneurship
How is the UFO Program structured?
The UFO Program comprises seven broad stages

  • Registration for the UFO Course

  • Self-Study of content and videos to be completed by the students

  • Submission of Business Plan and Elevator Pitch Video by the students at the end of the course

  • Evaluation of entries by the Jury

  • Awarding of Certification to Students

  • Opportunity to apply for Funding of your Venture

  • Opportunity to apply for an Internship/ online assignment/ live project with a Startup

What is the cost of the UFO Program?
The UFO Program Registration Cost + Course Content Cost + Evaluation of Business Plan & Elevator Pitch Video + Certification in ‘Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship’ is a total of INR 8,900.
What are the components of the UFO Program?
The UFO Program has five components
•    Course Content for Self-Study – comprising videos and text-based content
•    Links embedded in the content for further research by the students
•    Reference Template for preparation of a Business Plan
•    Guidelines for creating an Elevator Pitch Video
•    Additional Resources like In-House Research Reports and exclusive Industry Trends & Posts by renowned industry experts
What are the key components of the course?
Topics covered under the Entrepreneurship program
•    Design Thinking - Creativity and how to harness the power of the mind. This is an essential part of learning and the tools that are taught in this section can be applied in day-to-day situations as well as in your Venture
•    Life Skills – Tools to harness and further develop EQ - This section will help the students learn aspects of Soft Skills/ Interpersonal Skills and qualities that are required to become an effective and successful Professional/ Entrepreneur
•    Basics of Incorporation, Legal, Compliance - This Section is of prime importance as it lays out the details of 'How' to go about setting up the Venture, the Legalities involved and the Rules and Regulations laid out by the Authorities
•    Human Capital & Talent Acquisition - This section will help the students understand the concept of building a team and getting the right set of talent and people on board their venture
•    Market Dynamics - This Section explains the importance of understanding the various key elements like supply chain and the alternative scenarios in one's chosen field of work/ business/ Venture
•    Industry Analysis - Many Industry Reports by some of the largest global research companies are shared here
•    Understanding Competition - This section is critical as the students will learn how competition impacts businesses in the short and long term. It also places importance on tools to be a part of a competitive market environment
•    Business Banking Basics - Banking Products and processes are discussed here, to make th process of Business Banking smooth for our students
•    Branding & Copyrights - This section talks about the importance of Branding and how seeking Copyright is an essential part of protecting one's Brand. Several examples make this section interesting along with being informative
•    Brand Positioning & Digital Marketing - This is a Key element of marketing and promoting one's products/ services using the latest Digital mediums and tools available
•    Fundamentals of Finance, Financial Statements & Projections - This forms the basis of the Revenue Model of a Venture and is an essential feature
•    Basics of Valuation - Startup Valuation aspects, factors and features
•    Implementation & Scale-up - Life cycle of a product/ service/ Startup with global examples 
•    Additional topics like Cyber Security, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to make the students aware of global technological trends
•    How to create a Business Plan - A very Comprehensive document that gives a template and a detailed explanation of every section of a Business Plan
•    How to create an Elevator Pitch video – Guidelines given for the making of a 60-second Elevator Pitch 

How will a program like UFO help my ward/ my student/ me?
UFO Program will help in the overall development of the Student at the Conceptual Level as well as from the Life Skills aspect. This program will give a fundamental level of knowledge to the student on several aspects of Entrepreneurship. It will also help students create a roadmap of their ideas and concepts in the form of a Business Plan & gain confidence while presenting the same in the form of an Elevator Pitch Video.

What the course helps you understand?
How to think innovatively
How to focus on becoming a ‘Job Creator’ rather than a ‘Job Seeker’
How to convert your business idea into a venture
How to run a company/ venture
How to become future-ready as an Entrepreneur/Professional
How to present your idea to raise funding by way of Debt, Equity or Structured Capital
Who is eligible for the UFO Program?
All Students and Youth above 13+ years are eligible for the UFO Program. We welcome entries from all over the world.

The UFO course is applicable for:
School students
College Students
Early-stage Startup founders
Professionals seeking knowledge o Entrepreneurship and Innovation
All individuals looking to upgrade their skill set and knowledge base

How much time will the UFO Program require from the self-study perspective?
The Self-Study Modules of the UFO Program will require 30 minutes to 45 minutes of study per week/ once a week.
What are the opportunities after you complete the UFO program?

  • Submit your Business Plan & Elevator Pitch Video 

  • Apply for an internship/ online assignment/ live project with a startup with our partner institutions

  • Connect for raising funds for your Venture

How would a new great idea be protected from competitors in this app?

The idea is submitted in the form of a business plan to our company.
Kept confidential by the team and jury at UFO.
When the jury and team evaluate and think there’s true merit to the idea, the student is directly set on a mentoring path, where applying for IPR etc is the subsequent step.