Our holistic, realistic, systematic and forward-looking approach helps our students to make informed decisions about their future education and career. We are transparent and purposeful in our guidance and provide tailored solutions based on student needs and aspirations. We are partners in our student's educational journey. work with individuals, families, professionals and institutions; and assist them in taking decisions regarding education, training, career, and settlement services in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
We conduct custom market research and carry out project evaluations for our clients. We foster institutional collaborations.


  • Placements in Top Ranking Universities & Colleges in Canada, Australia & New Zealand

  • Optimal Match in terms of Course/ Tuition Fees and Scholarships, Study Permit/ Visa

  • Apprenticeship Mentoring, Placement Assistance

  • Work Visas and Work Permits

  • Guided Pathway to Citizenship, Citizenship Application Assistance

  • On and Off-Campus Student Support Community & Student Wellbeing, Career GPS Route Map